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Ahhh…FRESH Chicken!  Don’t you love a delicious cool chicken salad on these hot days?  Or grilled chicken atop a bed of lovely, locally grown lettuces… YUM!

Although it feels as though we’re in the dog days of Summer (hot muggy mornings and afternoon thunderstorms), throughout every season, I still continue to marvel at the beauty each one reveals.  In certain areas of our farm, it looks like a jungle!  I love how green it is everywhere – painting a vibrant picture of life and growth under the glorious sun!  Along with all the praise of this season, we savor and enjoy our pasture-raised chicken!  For those of you who pre-ordered early in the season, this Friday and Saturday are FRESH Chicken Pick-up days!


We have SPECIAL Farm Store hours this weekend: FRIDAY: 2-6PM and SATURDAY: 1-6PM. 

If you are wanting your pre-ordered chicken delivered for pick up at the Grandin Village Community Market, please info [at] fourcornersfarm [dot] com” target=”_blank”>email us by 7 PM on Friday. 

We are NOW taking reservations for FRESH Turkey pick-up in November!  If you want to be guaranteed to get a local, pasture-raised, non-GMO turkey for your holiday celebrations, be sure to place your reservation as soon as possible!  Limited quantity available!


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