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Our pigs have been happily rollicking through our pastures and woods over the last several months.  The Summer season is a favorite with various rain showers and the fun of munching their way through the cool undergrowth of our woods.  The life our pigs have here at Four Corners Farm is one of fully lived as they truly express their “pigness.”

It’s really difficult for us to think about the thousands upon thousands of pigs that spend their lives in a cage on concrete by the “farmers” of the industrial food system.  That system does not support animals being treated with respect and living out their God-given instincts.  In the industrial food system, animals are doomed to misery as well as illness.

And this is why there are people like YOU, who support LOCAL farmers like US. You know the importance of animals raised in a humane way, on the land with healthy inputs, NOT toxic food cocktails on concrete.  It’s time to plan for your Fall and Winter larder by reserving a half or whole hog; raised right here on our pastures and in our woods.  We will have whole and half hogs available in September, October, and November.  Learn more about our pigs and reservation information on our Range Raised Pork page.


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