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FRESH Chicken Pick-Up is this Weekend: August 12th and 13th! Our pasture-raised broilers have been enjoying the lush green grass and leaving a wonderful trail of fertilizer as they are moved daily to a fresh salad bar (bugs included!). With temps in the mid 60’s for a couple mornings, there’s been a slight hint (like a whisper) of Fall in the air.  This means our time for raising our happy & healthy, tasty & tender birds will be coming to an end soon.  Our last processing for the season is in October and we will not have FRESH chicken available again until May 2017.  Consider stocking up and preparing your Winter Larder with Four Corners Farm’s pastured poultry!  

For those of you who pre-ordered early in the season, this Friday and Saturday are FRESH Chicken Pick-up days! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like your pre-ordered chicken delivered for pick up at the Grandin Village Community Market, please email us by 6 PM on Friday, August 12th.

PLUS!  It’s TURKEY TIME!  NOW accepting reservations for FRESH Turkey pick-up in November!  If you want a local, pasture-raised, non-GMO turkey for your holiday celebrations, be sure to place your reservation ASAP!  Limited quantity available!


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