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We only have so many of our Non-GMO, pasture-raised turkeys available.  We highly encourage you to reserve a turkey (or turkeys!) as soon as possible!  But you may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy a turkey from you?!”

  1. Our turkeys are truly FRESH.  “Big Name” birds are partially frozen then slowly thawed as they sit in the supermarkets.
  2. Our turkeys experience free range livin’.  They’re not crammed together in a huge barn with thousands of other turkeys.
  3. Our turkeys have fresh air and are regularly moved to fresh pasture. Unlike conventionally raised turkeys in the CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) with minimal ventilation, space and live in their own feces (which causes lung problems).
  4. Our turkeys are raised without synthetic inputs – NO drugs, NO hormones, NO chemicals. Period.  Confined birds are often sick and are fed grain combined with pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, stimulants, even anti-depressants!).

We could go on and on with why our turkeys far surpass any supermarket “Big Name” bird.  To learn more and understand why our turkeys cost more than conventional, check out this article by the Huffington Post:

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