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We’ve got just a couple unclaimed hogs for either a whole or half – don’t miss this great opportunity to buy our tasty, range-raised pork at bulk prices!  Whole is $3.50/pound and half is $3.75/pound. Average hanging weight for a whole hog is around 200-250 pounds, half is 100-125 pounds.  There are fees paid directly to the processor as well; this is typically around $1.00 per pound and varies depending on sausages and cuts ordered.  YOU get to choose the cuts and types of sausage you want!  Choose from hot and mild breakfast sausages, smoked Italian sausages, nitrate free bacon, to variety of chops, ribs, and roasts!  More information can be found on our Range Raise Pork page HERE.

Have questions?  info [at] fourcornersfarm [dot] com“>Email us TODAY!

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