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Perhaps you saw the news in the paper (see the Roanoke Times article: Political Newcomer runs for Boone District supervisor seat) or maybe on Facebook (Reilly for Supervisor), but just in case you haven’t, we’re sharing the news with you, our supportive customers!

Last week, Ian announced that he is running for Supervisor in our district, the Boone district.  His interview with Casey Fabris of the Roanoke Times is a great place to start to learn more about why Ian decided to get involved in local politics.  But the bottom line is this: he wants to help make our community a better place and be a part of the change (even above and beyond our farm and recycling businesses!).

Please take a moment and read the article or maybe drop ian [at] fourcornersfarm [dot] com“>Ian a note of encouragement; and if you live in the Boone District of Franklin County, come on by our Farm and sign the petition to get on the ballot!

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