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First of all, we want to express our thanks and gratitude for the solidarity and support from you, our customers and friends. Recently, multiple people have unsubscribed from our farm email list; possibly because they’re tired of hearing about our pipeline fight and how raw and real we’ve been along this journey of protecting our land, our water and our home.  We truly appreciate those of you who stay tuned, read our emails and keep up with our updates.

This past week has been a rough week for us at the farm. Perhaps you’ve seen the Roanoke Times article from Tuesday or various Facebook Live videos. On Tuesday, May 29th, most of the trees were cut down by Northern Clearing (based out of Wisconsin) in Mountain Valley Pipeline’s “limits of disturbance” or LOD (we’ve been calling it their limits of destruction). What we do know, is that our lives have changed drastically since this pipeline fight ensued and now the cuts feel deeper as the pipeline company wreaks havoc on the land and through the water we call home.

We are not the first people to feel this pain and experience such loss. We must recognize the fact that the land we have been stewards of for 7+ years is stolen land. The soil was seized from the native peoples who lived on the land and did not believe in “ownership” and that the natural resources of this world belong to future generations. What has happened since that time of initial extraction (of people) is a continuation of colonization that takes and takes in the name of greed. Corporate colonization is occurring on a massive level in this country and the journey of understanding this has been eye-opening for us as a family.

We will never be the same.

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