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            Carolyn with Wendell Berry

A couple weeks ago, Farmer Ian and I (Carolyn) had the opportunity to meet Wendell Berry and have him sign several of his books that we own.  Maybe you’ve heard of him?  I did mention him in a blog post a couple months ago here.  Mr. Berry was very kind and patient – he had to have met and signed over 200 people in the span of an hour!  You can read more about his visit to Floyd here.

What captured my attention at this amazing gathering of earth loving, land stewardship concerned folks, is the story involved in it all.  A large community story, but even more than that, a story that each individual carries – their story.  I believe that many lessons learned in life are to be shared… they become a part of who we are, they are our story, and stories are worth being told.  After all, Wendell Berry is a gifted story teller, both of fiction and passionate essays centered on agrarian living.

But what is YOUR story?  We at Four Corners Farm have shared some of our stories, through farmer profiles and interviews, poems, and other articles.  But now it’s your turn!  We would like to hear from you, our readers.  What is your real food story?  What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned along the journey towards healthy living? We would like to share your story on our Blog and through this e-Newsletter. Our hope is to have one story per month to publish and share.

To submit your story, simply email it to Carolyn.  Please send your story by the 28th day of the month.  Have that nudge to share your favorite meal or tips for real food budgeting?  We are open to receive your recipes, ideas and tips around real foods!  We look forward to learning from your story!

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