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Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Last month, our family was interviewed by the Associated Press and our story landed in news across the nation.  The response has been humbling.  People have reached out to encourage us and offer hope.  After all, this pipeline fight turned our life upside down in many ways — We’ve been very busy and have made many adjustments as a family and farm this year.  Fighting pipelines, protecting property rights and preserving community are just a few of the things we’ve focused on with the important work we’ve done.  We dug our heels in from the beginning and certainly feel the myriad of emotions of being deeply involved in a growing movement.

Yes. Our family has changed — we’ve learned much about politics and public participation – and how IMPORTANT it is — and SHOULD be!  We’ve discovered the value of using our voice and speaking our concerns, — even utilizing public space for sharing them. Our kids have been to multiple protests!  Now that I, Carolyn, work part time as a Community Organizer for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, our kids have learned to be a little more patient with me, knowing that Mommy’s job involves connecting deeper within the community we live in, supporting folks and helping to organize their efforts.  I get to meet and talk to amazing people almost everyday.

I’ve met so many wonderful people from our community here in Franklin County.  I’ve met landowners who have lived here all their lives and others who moved here from bustling cities for the quiet and rural charm.  Many are concerned about this proposed monstrosity of a pipeline.  We’ve taken the concerns to the leaders in our county — speaking publicly at the Board of Supervisors meetings monthly.  It’s been frustrating that our county only allows ONE person per topic per meeting to sign up for public comment.  The lack of response from the elected officials to represent us, the people, has become a large factor into the stress and disappointment we feel both as a family and as citizens of Franklin County.

BUT — we press on!  With HOPE!  Hope because there is evidence and support for truly STOPPING the project.  It is exciting to be working alongside of so many experienced people who have successfully defended land, homes, and the folks who dwell there.  The skills and knowledge I’ve gained since working with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League are life-long and will serve our entire family for years to come.  And so, I move forward in confidence and trust — not in myself, but in God, my family, and in the community around us.  And that’s a security I can count on — the people in our life who have stood by our sides.

But the proposed pipeline?  It’s just that — a proposal.  Not official.  Not approved.  It’s NOT a done deal!

As for our family: We shall not be moved!

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