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Wow!  Spring has certainly begun to make itself known around the farm!  Bulbs are blooming, trees are budding and chicks are arriving!  With all the NEWNESS around the farm, we’re excited to officially kick off our 2016 farming season! And this year, we’ve got a NEW way for you to SAVE money and get our delicious pasture-raised chicken!

Introducing Pastured-Poultry Pre-Ordering!

Pre-ordering for fresh chicken pick-up is hands-down the most economical way to get your chicken. 

Here’s how it works:
Every two weeks we process a small batch of fresh birds that we sell in our Farm Store and at the Grandin Village Community Market.  But we are now offering a Pastured-Poultry Pre-order Form in order to ensure that you, our customers, have the opportunity to get the number of fresh chickens you’d like throughout the 2016 Season.  This is available to our customers at a discounted price.  In exchange, we ask for three things:
1.  You pre-order before April 30th.
2. You pick up your birds on the pre-determined date.
3. You pay us in advance a non-refundable deposit of $5 per bird.  That deposit will be subtracted from the final price at pick-up.

Why are we doing it this way?  It takes a lot of energy and labor to store poultry, more than for any of our other meats.  When you agree to pick up your chickens while still fresh and transport them home in your own coolers, you are saving us the storage and handling expense.  And, when you pay us that deposit up front now, you give your local, family-friendly farmers a little seed money, to help us cover our annual start-up costs that we face each Spring.

How much of a savings are we talking about?

We have two tiers of pricing for our whole chickens:
1) Pre-order by 4/30 with Farm Store Pick-up: $4.50 per pound
2) Buy them as you need them at our Farm Store or any pick up locations: $5.50 per pound.

As you can see, it’s a really good idea to order NOW! Click the button below to Pre-Order!

Pastured Poultry Pre-Order

Final Details:
If you pre-order for one of our fresh pick-up dates, you must come and get the birds at that assigned time.  If something comes up and you can’t make that date, please send a representative on your behalf.  Unclaimed birds will be subject to a $5 per bird storage and handling fee.

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